Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Malinyamuktha Painavu Survey . By N.S.S Volunteers ,HSS, Vazhathoppu

          Venam mattoru Painavu shuchithva survey in Painavu was inaugurated by Sri MD Arjunan, Chairman, Welcoming committee.The survey was conducted by KSSP Painavu unit and NSS volunteers of St.George HSS Vazhathope. The survey was part of a seven day camp conducted by National Service Scheme in St.George HSS Vazhathope. The volunteers visited houses and took survey. More than 40 students participated in the survey.

malinyamuktha painavu -suchithva survey

Survey  started at 7 AM on 27/12/2011

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  1. Blog kandu vayichu.Ee mission valare Ishtappetuu. Best wishes.